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I have been budgeting my entire married life. I didn’t budget before that and actually came into married life with some debt. I started learning about budgeting in my very late teens and have grown in it through the years.  Everything I have learned has come from my local church and classes and seminars I’ve attended on finances.  I have been a facilitator of the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University.   I don’t have it all down  with perfection,  I’ve been in debt, out of debt, and back in debt a couple of times in my 1years of marriage.   I am very consistent with tracking our spending,  being frugal,  planning and working with what I have.  We have had low times in our income and times of abundance, you don’t have to be rich to live a rich life.  With some planning and frugality life can be rich for you.   I will share on this budgeting blog how to save and stretch your dollar.